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(Announcement)LSC BOD approved 1st Quarter Financial Results   2008-04-29

(April 29h 2008, Taipei News) LSC (ticker : 5305 TW) held its Board meeting this afternoon and approved the equity based first quarter financial report, EPS was NTD0.41, grew 17% on a YoY basis. The board also approved the dividends distribution for 2007, LSC will pay NTD0.1 stock and NTD 1.7 cash, a total of NTD1.8 dividends.  This is equivalent to a 7% cash yield base on the closing price of April 29th.The equity base financial figures approved by the board of directors in  April 29th, 2008 were  detailed below:

           營業收入淨額 Net Sales                             :NTD2,885,931仟元 (thousands)                             

              營業毛利Gross Profit                                  :NTD 240,725仟元 (thousands)                                    

              已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit    :NTD 240,004仟元 (thousands)                                

              營業淨利Operation Profit                           :NTD 40,337仟元 (thousands)                                        

              稅前淨利 PBT                                               :NTD 195,091仟元 (thousands)                                        

              本期淨利PAT                                                 :NTD 180,218仟元 (thousands)                                     

               每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)                   :NTD0.44元                               
               每股稅後盈餘EPS(元/每股)                   :NTD0.41元

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