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(Announcement) LSC BOD meeting approved its Financial report 2007   2008-03-25
Date : March 25th, 2008
Purpose : LSC Board approved its 2007 Equity and Consolidated Financial Report in BOD meeting

Consolidated  Report
Unit : NTD (K)

營業收入淨額 Net Sales                          NTD 13,216,036仟元                               

營業毛利 Gross Profit                              NTD 1,895,384仟元                                   
已實現營業毛利  Realized Gross ProfitNTD 1,899,441仟元                               

營業淨利 Operation Profit                        NTD 671,303仟元                                       

稅前淨利 Profit Before Tax                       NTD 1,277,641仟元                                     

本期淨利 Profit after Tax                           NTD 1,053,176仟元                                      

每股稅前盈餘(元/每股)EPS                  :  NTD2.85                               

每股稅後盈餘(元/每股)EPS                  NTD2.40    

Equity Base Financial Report

營業收入淨額 Net Sales                           NTD 12,649,682仟元 (thousands)                          
營業毛利 Gross Profit                                NTD 1,141,732仟元 (thousands)                                    

已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit  NTD 1,145,789仟元 (thousands)                                

營業淨利 Operation Profit                         NTD 318,345仟元 (thousands)                                        

稅前淨利 PBT                                              NTD 1,248,778仟元 (thousands)                                        

本期淨利 PAT                                              NTD 1,053,176仟元 (thousands)                                     

每股稅前盈餘 EPS(元/每股)                 NTD2.85                             
每股稅後盈餘 EPS(元/每股)                 NTD2.40

The annual share holders meeting will be held on June 11th 2008

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