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LSC September consolidated revenue was NTD880 Million   2010-10-06
(Oct 6th, 2010 Taipei News) LSC's September consolidated revenue was NTD880 million , declined 6% on a MoM basis, and flat compared to the same period last year.

  Semiconductor related products contributed 78% of total revenue. Impacted by PC and LCD TV customers inventory adjustment, Semiconductor related products sales were slow in September.   Total sales declined 6%,but accumulated sales up to September still grew 33% on a YoY basis.

Semiconductor related sales declined 4.5% on a MoM basis, and grew 20% on a YoY basis.  Discrete September sales was NTD480 million, declined 5% and grew 26% on a MoM and YoY basis respectively.  Among our Analog+ products, Ambient light and proximity sensors which are applied on LCD TV, Tablet PCs and handsets did good in September, with a 26% MoM .  The total Analog+ sales managed to grow 2.7% on a QoQ basis.

Imaging related products including MFP used Contact Image Sensor and CCM together contributed NTD180 million, down 11.8% on a MoM and down 39% on a YoY basis.  Major declined was due to our CCM withdrawal from the market which caused a 44% decline on a MoM basis.. CIS sales improved in the 3rd quarter

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