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LSC May consolidated sales was 933 million   2010-06-03
(June 4th, Tapei News) LSC's self consolidated May revenue amounted to 933 million, which is a 2.8% increased and a 31.8% increased in sales on a MoM and YoY basis respectively.

Semiconductor related products together contributed 75% of total sales, and discrete contributed close to 52%.  Due to a partial production capacity limitation, sales increased 1% compared to last month, and increased 61.8% compared to the previous year.  Sales revenue maintained at the peak level from March to May this year and the demand is a lot stronger than supply at the present moment.

Analog+ which include analog ics and 6 inch foundry together contributed 217 million , or equivalent to 23% of total sales, increased 8% on a MoM basis and 92% on a YoY basis.  Among which, the high profit margin AC/DC hit a new record high, third time this year.  Imaging related product sales together contribtued 230 million, grew 1.4% on a MoM basis and declined 22% on a YoY basis.
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