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LSC 1st Quarter consolidated revenue was 2.58 Billion,   2010-04-28

(April 28th, 2010) LSC (TWN Stock code : 5305) held its Board Meeting this afternoon and approved the financial results for the 1st quarter 2010. The 1st quarter consolidated sales amounted to NTD2.58 billion, with a 1% QoQ growth and 75% YoY growth respectively. LSC will re-elect its board members in 2010’s shareholders meeting.

The semiconductor related products together contributed about 66% of the total 1st quarter revenue, in which, the discrete products contributed about 49%, increased 10.5% on a QoQ basis, also changes the usually low1st quarter sales curve, due to a strong demand.  Analog IC+ including our 6 inch fab and IC products together contributed 17% of total sales, with a 141% YoY and 10% decline QoQ.

Imaging related products including Multifunction peripherals and CMOS camera modules together contributed about 880 million or 34% of total revenue in the first quarter. The amount is a 3 % decline on a QoQ basis and a 17% growth on a YoY basis.

The BOD also approved the transfer of the 5 million buyback shares to the employees at NTD14.99 per share.

2010/April 28 BOD approved the 1st quarter equity base financial results, details as below:

營業收入淨額 Net Sales:NTD2,315,892仟元 (thousands)

營業毛利Gross Profit:NTD91,522仟元 (thousands)

已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit:NTD90,212仟元 (thousands)

營業淨利Operation Profit:NTD (73,416)仟元 (thousands)

稅前淨利 PBT:NTD 112,605仟元 (thousands)

本期淨利PAT:NTD104,223仟元 (thousands)


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