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LSC December Revenues amounted to NTD804 million   2010-01-06
(Jan 6th, 2010 Taipei News) LSC (TWN stock code :5305) announced its self consolidated December revenues amounted to NTD804 million, with a 8.4% decline MoM and increased  37.3% on a YoY basis.

The Semiconductor related products together contributed about 68% of total December consolidated revenues. Among which the Discrete contributed close to 48%, which is a 0.7% growth on a MoM basis and a 73% growth on a YoY basis.Discrete sales amounted to 1.1Billio in in the 4th quarter, a 4% growth on a QoQ basis, and a 28.9% growth on a YoY basis.Analog + including the 6 inch fab total sales in December was 159 million contributed 20% of total December sales. December sales declined about 6% on a MoM basis , but compared to the previous year, grew 142%. The total Analog+ sales in the 4th quarter was 492 million, declined 10% compared to the previous quarter, but grew close to 75% on a YoY basis. Imaging related products including CIS which are applied on MFP and handset used CCM sales was 261 million in Dcember, declined 20% and 12% on a MoM and YoY basis respectively. The total sales for the 4th quarter amounted to 909 million, declined 23% on a YoY and grew 6% on a QoQ basis. The declined was an intentional effort to downsize the loss making low end CCM products shipment.

The total self consolidated revnues of 2009 amounted to 86.7 billion, declined 27% compared to the previous year, however the quarterly improvement in sales were a reflection of a healthy recovery for the company.
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