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LSC Nov Consolidated Revenues amounted to NTD878 million   2009-12-07

(12/6/2009 Taipei News) LSC (TWN : 5305) announced its self consolidated November revenues of 878 million, with a 2.4% MoM. Its 11.9% YoY growth also marked the first month revenues growth turning positive compared to the previous year.

The semiconductor related products contributed about 63% of total sales, with Discrete contributing 43% , which is the highest sales distribution. Due to our global partners' healthier orders and some new customers orders, it enjoyed a 2% MoM and a 26.7% YoY growth in Novembers, making a positive QoQ growth in a normally slow 4th quarter.

Analog IC+ which include our 6 inch fab together contributed about 169 million, or a 19% sales distribution, which was a 3.6% growth and a 103% growth MoM and YoY respectively.  Imaging related products including CIS for MFP and CCM for handsets together contributed 320 million, which was a 4.9% growth MoM , but still a 18.2% decline compared to the previous year.

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