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LSC september consolidated sales amounted to NTD880 Million   2009-10-06

(10/5/2009 Taipei news)LSC (TWN stock code:5305)announced its self consolidated september revenues of NTD 880 million, with a 5.1% increase on a MoM basis.

The consolidated september revenues of discrete was 43% of total, and has grown 6.4% on a MoM basis. Discrete grew steadily on a monthly basis since this January. Analog IC proudcts together contributed NTD193 million, which is 22% of total, with a 4.3% increase on a MoM basis, and also managed to grow 17.8% compared to the same period last year.

Imaging products which include CiS for MFP and CCM for handsets toegether contributed NTD 306 million, increased 4.6% on a MoM basis. The 3rd quarter consolidated sales amouted to NTD2.5 billion, which is a 16% growth on a QoQ basis

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