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LSC June consolidated revenues was NTD745 Million, 5.2% MoM   2009-07-06

(July 6th, 2009, Taipei News) LSC (TWN : 5305) announced its self consolidated June revenues was NTD745 million, with a 5.2% MoM. The 2nd quarter self consolidated revenues were NTD 2.15 billion, with a 45.7% QoQ, however, compared to the previous year, still a -33% decline.

Discrete, contributed the largest portion of the total revenues in LSC, was 44%of total, and up 8% on a MoM basis. As demand was strong in the 2nd quarter, the consolidated revenues grew 72% on a QoQ basis. The analog+ which include foundry and analog ics June consolidated revenues was 149 million, 20% of total revenues, grew 32% on a MoM basis, and double in sales in the 2nd quarter.

Imaging June revenues was 272 million, down 8% on a MoM and almost flattish on a QoQ basis. CCM also declined 8% on a MoM basis, however, on a quarterly basis, sales grew 30% on a QoQ basis.

LSC expects the 3rd quarter to grow slightly in revenues.

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