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LSC March consolidated revenues were NTD1.08 billion   2008-04-07

(Apr 3rd, 2008 Taipei News) LSC(Code : 5305)reported its self consolidated March revenues were NTD1.08 billion,  declined 4.9% on a YoY basis and grew 15.2% on a MoM basis.

The semiconductor products contributed about 56% of total consolidated revenuesin March, in which, foundry contributed about NTD156 Million, with a 6.6% YoYand a 5.1% MoM growth.  Semiconductor components such as Discrete, MOSFETand Analog ICs contributed NTD450 Million in March, grow 2.3% and 27% on aYoY and MoM respectively.   Contact Image
Sensors revenues had a flat MoM, partly due to the exchange rate impact, and partly due to an over conservative purchasing policy and had thus caused delayed in some shipment.  CMOS camera modules sales increased 30% sales in March.

The self reported consolidated revenues for 1st quarter amounted to NTD3.05 Billion, declined 7.6% and 2.4% on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively.  The slowDown US economy and its dollar
depreciation both impacted LSC's sales in the 1st quarter, and the US market intensive CIS has the most impact among.   Due to a wide products and market diversification, LSC is able to offset
 some of its exchange rate impact.  “Profitable growth” is LSC's major business theme in2008.   

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