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LSC August Consolidated Revenue was NTD 1.13 Billion   2007-09-04

 (Taipei News Sept 4th, 2007) LSC (Code : 5305) August self consolidated revenue was NTD1.13 Billion, up 8% on a MoM basis, grew about 6.6% compared to the same period last year, the accumulated consolidated revenue grew 11.6% on a YoY basis.

The consolidated revenue for the semiconductor group contributed about 56% of total revenue, up 11% on a YoY basis.  The Discrete & Analog August consolidated revenue contributed NTD472 Million, which is a record high, grew 6% on a MoM basis, and 15% on a YoY basis.  The 6 inch fab contributed NTD156 Million, also a record high this year, grew 1.5 on a YoY basis, and 6.8% on a MoM basis. 

Image Business Group August consolidated revenue was NTD498 Million, about 44% of total, grew 10% on a MoM basis, and 1.4% on a YoY basis.   The handset used CMOS Camera  Modules contributed about NTD125 Million, up 10% on a MoM  and 350% on a YoY basis.

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