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LSC July Consolidated Revenue was NTD 1.04 Billion   2007-08-03

(Aug 3rd, 2007 – Taipei News)  Liteon Semiconductor Corp., (Code :5305) consolidated July revenue was NTD1.04 Billion, declined 0.8% ona MoM bass.  We executed our Profitable growth strategy, and has reduced our lower profit products sales, resulting in a 9.5% sales decline on a MoM basis, a flat YoY and a 12.4% growth in the accumulated YTD consolidated revenue compared to the previous year.

The semiconductor components business group contributed over 56% of July’s total consolidated revenue, in which the Discrete & Analog Business contributed about NTD445 Million, declined 0.8% on a MoM basis, and grew 14.7% on a YoY basis.  Our Analog ICs are mainly applied on power supply and LCD Inverters, the division managed to breakeven in May and produced a positive Operating Profit.   We expect the high profit Analog ICs to be a Gross Profit Margin driver if sales can expand in the 3rd quarter.  The 6 inch fab contributed about NTD146
Million in July, which is a 10.8% growth on a MoM basis, the 3rd quarter is a traditional hot season for foundry business.

The Image business group contributed NTD452 Million sales in July, which was about 44% of total sales in July, declined 20% on a MoM basis and 10% on a YoY basis.  The CMOS camera module sales in July was NTD110 Million, increased 8% on a MoM basis, and over 200% on a YoY basis.  The 3rd quarter revenue is expected to be flat on a QoQ basis, however, if all executions go as planned, profit should grow in the 3rd quarter.  The Laser Mouse sensor Module, which is a new product in the Image group and started shipment in small quantity in May, and sales continued to grow over 200% in July on a MoM basis,  imply a huge growth potential .

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