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LSC March Revenue amounted to NTD 568 Million, MoM +45%   2020-04-08

(Apr 8th, 2020 Taipei News) LSC(TWSE : 5305)regained its March sales vigor driven by an average of over 80% labor return rate in mainland production sites, sales amounted to NTD568 Million, though still a 3% decline compared to the same period last year, but a vigorous 45% sales growth on a MoM basis.

Diodes Inc merger acquisition of LSC application was approved by Taiwan Fair Trade Commission and Foreign Ministry of Economic Affairs in March. This merger acquisition is still waiting for approval from relevant Chinese authorities, upon their approval, record date can be finalized in board meeting and thereby the delisting application can be activated.

Sales distribution for March & Q1 revenue of Year 2020 :

Mar 3月 營收比重% 年增率 月增率
Year 2020 Sales distribution% YoY MoM
Power Semi功率半導體產品 73 -12 48
Modular System系統模組 17 13 38
6" Foundry 6"晶圓產品 6 16 -6
Others其他 4 412
Revenue 營收 (NTD Million) 568 -3 45

Q1 營收比重% 年增率 季增率
Year 2020 Sales distribution% YoY QoQ
Power Semi功率半導體產品 73 -20 -7
Modular System系統模組 18 3 -24
6" Foundry 6"晶圓產品 6 18 63
Others其他 3 110
Revenue 營收 (NTD Million) 1451 -12 -7

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