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LSC accumulated EPS for the 1st 9 months 2019 was NTD1.24   2019-11-06

(Nov 6th,2019, Taipei News) LSC (TWSE : 5305) passed its Financial result for the 1st 9 Months in the board meeting.   Influence of the tariff war persisted throughout the 1st 9 months and accumulated sales was  NTD8.3 Billion, which was a 10% decline compared to the previous year.  Average GPM was 23%, decline 5 percentage point as compared to the same period last year.  Accumulated Operating Profit amounted to NTD387 Million, and accumulated EPS was NTD 1.24, declined 38.9% on a YoY basis.

The 3rd quarter sales was NTD 2.88 Billion, a slight increase compared to the previous year, though market demand improved slightly for the quarter, however, high inventory level led to a low capacity utilization which drove cost, and therefore unable to drive gross profit margin. EPS for the 3rd quarter was NTD0.31.

LSC held its EGM on October 25th, and passed both items with 90.22% and 89.94% voting support from shareholders respectively.

The Board Members approved the consolidated financial results of first 9 months 2019 as of November 6th, 2019, details as below:

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