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LSC 2017 Q1 EPS amounted to NTD0.27, YoY 286% growth   2017-05-10

(May 10th, 2017, Taipei News) LSC (TWSE :5305) board members approved the 1st quarter Consolidated Financial Report in their board meeting held this afternoon.Impacted by the Sharp exchange rate fluctuations, revenue declined 3% compared to the same period last year, and a 13% decline on a QoQ basis.  Due to a better product mix and a better capacity utilization, gross profit and operation profit grew 7% and 35% respectively on a YoY basis.EPS amounted to NTD0.27 per share, a 5% decline compared to the previous quarter and a 286% growth on a YoY basis.

Despite of a slow season and exchange rate fluctuations impact, Discrete managed to keep its 1st quarter sales to about 1% decline on a QoQ and YoY basis. Operation profit declined 12% on a QoQ basis, but grew 35% on a YoY basis. Discrete made up close to 50% of both the company’s total revenue and operation profit and has key impact.IC products managed to keep its 1st quarter revenue and operation profit compared to the same period last year. Research companies estimated that there will be a close to 4% growth in the Taiwan IC industry this year, LSC hopes to grow both its revenue and profit through releasing its more extensive functions ICs and increase in its new product shipment. Modular system revenue, though a decline over7% compared to the same period last year, its higher new product shipment managed to sharply improve its operation profit by 1 fold.

The Board members approved the 2017 Q1 Financial Report as of May 10th, 2017, details as below :

項目 Item 2016年 Q1 2017年 Q1
金額 Amount 金額 Amount
單位 Unit  : 仟元 thousand 單位 Unit  : 仟元 thousand
Gross profit
Operation profit
Profit before tax
本期淨利 Net Profit   83,152 139,532
本期淨損益歸屬於本公司業主 Net Profit attributable to owner of the company 20,598 82,305
本期淨損益歸屬於非控制權益    Net profit atttributable to non controlling interests 62,554 57,227
每股盈餘(元) Earnings per share (NTD)                0.07                                0.27

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