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LSC July sales amounted to NTD 731 Million, MoM -10%   2015-08-07

(August 7th, 2015, Taipei News) LSC (TWSE :5305) announced its self consolidated July sales was NTD 731 million, a 10% and 16% decrease on a MoM and YoY basis respectively.

Although Discrete gained market share in household appliances, industrial and network communication market, the increase was not able to close the declined gap to a heavy reliance on the very weak PC market, and contributed 48% of July sales. Discrete intends to continue to expand the new application markets to decrease its reliance on the PC market.

The IC products contributed 39% of July sales, though a slight 1% decline on a MoM basis, it was a 11% increase on a YoY basis. The Modular System started mass production and shipment for its new ticketing system application for European customers, however the gain was unable to cover the decline from the MFP market, and thus experienced a 3% decline on a MoM basis. Modular System will start mass shipment for a ticketing system application project in September, and sales is expected to ramp then. As the price of the new product is relatively higher, it should be able to close the declining gap caused by the MFP sales decline.

Jul 7月份 營收比重 年增率 月增率
Year 2015 Sales distribution YoY MoM
Discrete分離式元件 48% -28% -16%
IC Products IC產品 39% 11% -1%
Modular System系統模組 9% -31% -3%
Foundry 晶圓產品 4% -3% -22%
Revenue 營收 (NTD Million) 731 -16%  -10%

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