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LSC March sales amounted to NTD 783 Million, 27% growth MoM   2015-04-08
(April 8th, 2015, Taipei News) LSC (TWN stock code :5305) announced its March self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD 783 Million, a 12.5% decline on YoY basis, compared to the previous month, was a significant 27% MoM growth.The accumulated consolidated sales for the first quarter amounted to NTD 2.18 billion, a 10% decline compared to the same period last year, and a 6% decline compared to the previous quarter.

March consolidated sales distribution :
March 3月份 營收比重 年增率 月增率
Year 2015 Sales distribution YoY MoM
Discrete分離式元件 53% -6% 20%
IC Products IC產品 33% -19% 39%
Modular System系統模組 9% -18% 18%
Foundry 晶圓產品 5% -21% 45%
Revenue 營收 (NTD Million) 783 -13% 27%
Integrated Solution IC
Semicondutor Components
Wafer Fondry
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