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LSC September Revenue was NTD893 million, Grew 17% YoY   2013-10-11

(Oct 8th, 2013 Taipei News) LSC(TWN Stock code : 5305) self consolidated September Revenue amounted to NTD 893 million, which was a 1% declined on a MoM and 17% growth on a YoY basis respectively.

Discrete sales contribution in September was lowered to about 49% as the 4th quarter is a traditional slow season for the business.  Although its low profile Discrete for charger shipment experienced growth in the 3rd quarter, the increased could not cover the declined of other end products, thereby total sales declined 3% on a MoM basis.However, it was a 19% growth on a YoY basis.Both game console and smart phone shipment are expected to be strong in the 4th quarter which can offset some of the low season impact.

IC products including Analog and Optical IC maintained its August sales volume and contributed close to 34% of September revenue, which was also a 26% growth YoY.6 inch foundry experienced a 1% MoM growth and a close to 23% YoY growth in September.Modular System experienced a 11% decline in sales compared to last year, however its sales grew about 1% on a MoM basis.The self accumulated sales for the 3rd quarter was 2.69 billion, grew about 7% on a QoQ basis Andover 15% on a YoY basis.The accumulated sales for the pas three quarters also grew 11% compared to the previous year.

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