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LSC April Revenue amounted to NTD816 million   2013-05-08

(May 8th,2013 Taipei News) LSC(TWN stock code : 5305) April self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD816 million, with a 6% growth on both YoY and MoM basis.

April sales was made up of 50% Discrete, 34% of IC products, 11% of Modular system , with Foundry and other new products making up more than 5%. Compared to the previous month, IC products had the best 10% growth, with over 31% growth on a YoY basis. Discrete grew 5% on a MoM basis and a 6% growth on a YoY basis. Modular system include CiS and LED lighting power module had a 3% increased MoM, however, sales experienced a drastic decline of 32% on a YoY basis. With the new MOSFET products input, Foundry sales managed to grow 5% on a YoY basis, and a over 7% growth compared to the previous month.

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