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LSC January Revenue was NTD706 million   2013-02-08

(Feb 8th, 2013 Taipei News) LSC's January self consolidated revenue was NTD706 million, increased 10% on a MoM basis and 34% on a YoY basis.

Sales distribution was similar to the previous year, with 50% contributions from Discrete products, 32% from IC products, 13% from Modular System products and 5% from Foundry products.

Among the four products, Discrete had the best performance in January, with 26% and 15% increased on a YoY and MoM basis respectively. The major reason for the YoY growth could be attributed to a low sales base in the previous year impacted by the Chinese New Year holidays. Though January sales was not considered good, the network communication trend and our entry into the Korean supply chain for consumer goods is expected to bring relatively good growth in Discrete this year.

IC products including AC/DC, DC/DC,DC/AC and ambient light sensor, proximity sensor IC which contributed an average of 29% of sales in 2012,which was a 36% growth in sales. The 1st quarter is a low season for IC products, January sales declined by 8% but grew 122% on a YoY basis.

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