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LSC October revenue was NTD718 Million, 8% growth YoY   2012-11-14

(Nov 9th, 2012 Taipei News) LSC(TWN ticker 5305 announced its self consolidated October revenue of NTD 718 million, declined 6% on a MoM basis,and grew 8% on a oY basis.

Discrete still made up the largest portion of sales in October, with 46% contributions, declined 11% MoM and flat compared to the previous year. The 2nd highest being IC products which contributed over 32% of sales, though a 2% declined compared to the previous month, sales grew 35% on a YoY basis. Modular System which is made up of CIS and LED lighting power module together contributed about 16% of total October sales, a 9% declined on a YoY basis and a 1.6% increased on a MoM basis. LSC commenced supplying LED lighitn power module by combining its Discrete, Analog ICs etc products on its Green Power platform last year. The 6 inch foundry products maintained its close to 6% contributions, declined 3% on a MOM and grew 16.7% on a YoY basis.

LSC's ambient light and proximity sensor had been the spotlight of the market since the beginning of the year. It enjoyed an average of over 30% MoM sales growth since July this year and hit the 6th sales record high again in October with NTD59 million, which is a 27% growth MoM and over 200% YoY growth.

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