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LSC June self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD789 million   2012-07-09

(July 6th, Taipei News) LSC announced its self consolidated June revenue amounted to NTD789 million, which is flat compared to the same period last year. As June is the month of inventory check, sales declined 4.1% compared to the same period last year. The accumulated self consolidated 2nd quarter revenue amounted to 2.38 billion, increased 1.6% and 27.9% on a YoY and QoQ basis.

June revenue distribution was similar to May, with Discrete contributing 50%, declined 6% on a MoM basis and Discrete 2nd quarter sales grew 25% on a QoQ basis, however it was still a 12% decline compared to the same period last year. IC products which include AC/DC, DC/DC and ambient light sensors related products contributed over 27% June sales. The accumulated 2nd quarter sales was NTD646 million, grew 46% on a QoQ basis and grew 40% compared to last year.

Modular System which made up CiS and LED lighting power module products contributed 139million, with 14.8% increased YoY and 3.3% MoM .

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