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LSC May self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD 824 million   2012-06-11

(June 10th, Taipei News) LSC(TWN ticker : 5305) announced its May self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD 824 million, grew 1.8% on a YoY basis and increased 8% on a MoM basis. The accummulated revenue up till May has closed the difference to about 1.5% lesser than the previous year.

About 84% of LSC May revenue were contributions of products from its Green Energy platform, which are power management and semiconductor components related to energy saving.  Major end application including PC, TV, Smart phones and 3C products power supply. With 51% revenue contributions from Discrete, 27% from IC products, 16% from Modular System and 6% from 6 inch foundry.

Among the products, Discrete had a 11% increased on a MoM basis, however, still a 9% shortage compared to the same period last year. IC products including AC/DC, DC/DC and ambient light sensors grew only2% on a MoM basis, however, sales improved 29.4% on a YoY basis, outperform the other products. Modular System had a 2.2% MoM growth and a 15.2% YoY growth, Sales for 6 inch foundry increased 23% MoM , but declined 20. on a YoY basis.

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