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LSC April self consolidated revenue was NTD 766Million   2012-05-07

(May 7 2012 Taipei News) LSC (TWN stock code : 5305) announced its April self consolidated revenue amounted to NTD766 million, grew 3% on a YoY and 8% on a MoM basis.

Sales distribution was similiar to the 1st quarter with Discrete 50%, IC went up to 28% in April from 19% this January, Modular system 17% and 6 inch foundry 5%

IC products had the best performance comparatively in the 4 product group, with 37% YoY and 13% MoM respectively. Among which, the Ambient light sensors that are applied on tablet, LED TV and smart phones which are used to adjust backlight brightness which will help prolonging battery. Although it only grew about 2% on a MoM basis, it still hit a new sales record in April. Modular System had a 13.9% and 29.9% MoM and YoY growth respectively. The growth driver was our new niche applications. LED indoor lighting power module demand is still unstable at the present moment, and will still flucuates.

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