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LSC October self consolidated revenue was NTD665Million   2011-11-07
(Nov 7th, 2011 Taipei News) LSC (Twn ticker 5305) self consolidated October revenue was NTD665 million, impacted by a slow season and a slow economy, October sales declined 15% compared to the same period last year and declined 15.6% on a MoM basis.

LSC products are divided into 2 major categories, in which , 80% were contributed by Semiconductor related products including Discrete, 6 inch fab and IC products, the other 20% were made up by Modular system products.

October is a slow month for Discrete, however, Discrete still made up about 50% of total sales, a declined of 22.6% on a MoM basis, and a 28.4% declined on a YoY basis.  IC products division include products applied on AC/DC,DC/DC, DC/AC and Ambient light sensor and proximity sensor applied on Tablet PC and smart phones made up 26% of total October sales.  Due to their specific applications and due to their end applications demand , experienced an outstanding performance throughout this year, increased 24% on a YoY basis and a slight 2.7% declined on a MoM basis.  The 6 inch fab contributed 5.3% sales, a big 39.5% declined compared to last month and a huge 186% increased on a YoY basis.  Modular system division sales amounted to 128 million, products include CiS and LED power module applied on indoor LED lightings together made up 19% of total sales.  The new LED products sales growth managed to cover the CIS sales declined and only had a slight0.6% declined compared to the previous month.
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