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LSC announced its cash dividend execution date   2011-07-06

1.BOD,Shareholders meeting final decision or date determined:2011/July 06
2.Type of distribution : Cash dividends
3.Type of distribution amount :distribute NTD0.7 cash per share,totaled : NTD 313,178,288
4.Cash dividend exeuction day :August 2th, 2011
5.Shares transferred to account dateline: August 3rd, 2011
6.Last transferred dateline begining : August 4th, 2011
7.Last transferred dateline ending : August 8th , 2011
8.Execution date :August 8th, 2011
9.Other item which should be included : The BOD decided that the buy back shares etc might impact the total number of circulating shares in the market, might caused changes in the cash dividend yield rate, the chairman is authorized to make any necessary changes.

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