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LSC self consolidated March revenue was 705 Million   2011-04-06

(Apri 6th, 2011, Taipei News) LSC (TWN ticker 5305) announced its self consolidated March revenue, NTD705 million, increased 34% on a MoM basis, and declined 27.3% on a YoY basis.

Semiconductor related products which took up 85% of total revenue decreased 8.8% on a YoY basis and increased 43% on a MoM basis. Discrete made up 59% of total sales, managed to increase 45% on a MoM basis as the chipset issue was solved in the PC market. Discrete sales in the 1st quarter was behind forecast, decreased 14.5% on a QoQ basis, and declined close to 11% on a YoY basis. Analog sales was 26% of toal in March, although sales were slow in January and February due to a labor shortage issue, it was able to catch up in March, was thus able to remain flat on a YoY basis and a 1.7% increased on a QoQ basis.

Optical Imaging sales amounted to 105 million in March, about 15% of total sales. Sales declined 66% on a YoY basis due to our withdrawal from the CCM market.

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