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1 、Organization Chart
2 、 Major Business Units/Departments and their functions

Major Functions


Following the decisions made at the shareholders annual meeting and the meetings of the BOD and instructions of the Chairman of the Board, the President takes charge of all business operations.


Examine & protect the company's asset security/check to see the accounting and operational information and data are complete and accurate/ check to see if all the resources utilization is efficient/ check to make sure the internal auditing and control is inforce and make correction or improvement suggestions when necessary.

Administrative Departments

The Finance Department makes plans to acquire short, medium, and long term funds and control their use. It compiles, analyzes, follow up and audit financial reports and takes care of the company's stock affairs.

Human Resources focus on recruitment, training, compensation, welfare and general affairs of the company.

Information Technology Department acquire and install software and hardware and takes charge of their maintenance. It plans and manages the internet communications. It computerizes and digitalizes operations of the company.

Legal department handles legal issues that may come up in the course of business, employment etc.

Business Units

Collect & analyse market information/ set and execute sales plan

Follows the production/operation plans in proper sequence/ continue to improve productivity and product quality/takes charge of maintaining,servicing and planning of acquiring and installing production machinery & plant facilities

Materials and Supplies(procurement, production, import/export, customs bond and storage)

Quality Assurance
Compiles and produces a Quality Assurance Manual, then formulates the company's quality control policy and causes it to be implemented during the procurement, and manufacturing processes through specific reliability assurance and shipment control programs. Co-ordinate concerned business units etc to solve any quality assurance problems.

Manfacture Process
Designs manufacturing processes and keeps on improving them/designs and makes tools for the manufacturing process/designs and makes prototypes and sets specifications/works out and develops the specifications for materials and components

Research & Development
Integrate the manufacturing process of semiconductor IC/designs Semiconductor IC Wafers/ designs and plans new products/ assist the Quality Assurance to deal with customer complaints by analyzing the cause of these complaints.
Integrated Solution IC
Discrete Power Devices
Wafer Fondry
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