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Does the company provide other insurance besides the Labor and Health insurance?

Yes, the company also provides additional group insurance for all employees.  Direct family members of employees can also pay and join this program .   The company additionally insured all employees that are members of the company's disaster prevention and rescue team.

 Does the Keelung plant operation conform to all the Occupational safety and sanitation requirements regulations?
 Yes, the plant operate according to all the regulations requirements.  The plant is SGC ISO14001 and   OHSAS 18001 certified.
 Any contributions to the local communities?
Keelung plant hire help to clean up the local community on a regular basis and sponsor local community activities.  Our production plants in china also actively participate in local community activities and professional skills competition.
What have your company done for environment protection?
Keelung plant invested over 20 Million in 2015 to renew our air pollution prevention equipments.  HsinChu plant installed air pollution prevention equipment and noise pollution walls to reduce pollution impact.  They also grow plants to beautify the local community.
What are some of the important criterias your 6 inch fab deem important in their suppliers selection?
Reliable product quality, stable product supply, competitive price, ability to customize and  to assist in new material evaluation and development etc are criterias we deem important.
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