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The top few issues of each type of stakeholders and methods of communication are identified as below:

Stakeholders Major issues of concern Communications
  • Compensation, Benefits,
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Review
  • Salary adjustment according to company's operation results and employee performance annually. Holds regular( or according to needs) welfare committee/plants/ labor meetings & provides one on one labor or health insurance regulations consultant and assistance. Conduct any changes of government rules & regulations to employees ie. The new labor pension act, labor insurance, national pension insurance, personal information protection law.
  • Hold communication meeting for Management and employees, provides management or professional training on a irregular basis, set up e learning website for employees.
  • Annual promotion base on KPI accomplishment .
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality/Price
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Conduct regular internal communication meetings on bookings/qualities/customer needs. Conduct customers satisfaction survey annually.  Regular customers visit.
  • Execute quality/price check & adjustment according to company SOP.
  • On line service platform to check orders and shipment status for distributors.
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Operational performance
  • Risk Management

        Shareholders :

  • Annual shareholers meeting.
  • Publish Monthly & Quarterly sales & product sales distributions/  Quarterly& Annual Financial Reports on website.
  • Set up investors FAQ/ email/investor relations officer contact on website.

    Institutions Shareholders:
  • Hold investors meetings in Taiwan and abroad on a irregular basis.
  • Join Seminars held by investment agencies in Taiwan & abroad upon invitation.
  • Sustanability Strategy
  • Operational performance
  • Suppliers Support
  • Hold suppliers meeting.
  • Clearly state requirements : specs/standards/ecological conservation encouraged /prohibition of using conflict materials, Suppliers' award & punishment.
  • Open suppliers evaluation and auditing criterias.
  • Operational performance
  • Corporate governance
  • Sustanability strategy
  • Regular News Release
  • Press meetings
  • Appoint Spokesperson and acting spokesperson
Government Agencies 
  • Occupational safety & Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Compliance to occupational safety & health requirements set & conduct employees occupational safety & health training Take part in public hearings and seminars held by competence authorities.
  • Make sure production plants complied to sewage & air pollution disposal requirements. Set company goal for energy conservation and carbon reduction.
  • Hire local residents on priority and provide employement assistance to the disadvantaged.
Local Communities
  • Ecological conservation
  • Pollution prevention
  • Good relationship
  • Participate in local resident meetings. Sponsor local ecological conservation related activities & professional skills competition.
  • Work with governing authorities & local communities communities regarding prevention and reduction of pollution issues.
  • Set up contact window for local communities.
Civic groups & communities
  • Social participation
  • Production plant responsibilities
  • Environmental management
  • Annual donation to Lite-On Cultural Foundation to help promote community culture & education.
  • Participation in local community services and charities.
  • Participate in local communities /pertinent unit etc meetings to help upgrade living quality through integration of resources, information exchange etc.
Business partners
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Cooperation & support
  • Hold annual cooperations/strategic alliances meetings.
  • Hold Technology and future technology trends discussion.
  • Hold Industry & market panels.
Stakeholder and Issues of Concern Identification Process

         1. Collection window will identify & diseminate all the concerns to the respective relevant 
              responsible person upon receiving.
          2. The responsible person will conduct a survey on the concern issues, check with the   
              communication channels and compile the results.
          3. The responsible person will analyze the issues of concern , evaluate its impact to the
              business & identify the actions to be taken and set the priority level.
          4. Submit the results to the CEO office for approval and execution.


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