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LSC 1H 2010 EPS was NTD0.63, +165%YoY   2010-08-26
(August 25th, Taipei News) LSC (TWN code 5305) held its BOD meeting this afternoon and approved its 1H 2010 financial results.Total 1H sales amounted to NTD 536 million, with a 48% growth on a YoY basis, average gross profit margin was 16%, with 15.6% increased compared to the same period last year.Operating profit also increased 130% on a YoY basis, EPS was NTD0.63, with a 165% improvement compared to the same period last year.
The Japanese withdrawal from the Discrete market resulted a supply shortage and benefited generally all Taiwanese Discrete suppliers.LSC Discrete products contributed over 50% of total sales managed to grow its 2nd quarter sales 15.8% QoQ and 58.9% YoY with capacity increased.Analog + products which include AC/DC, DC/DC ICs applied on power supply etc, ambient light and proximity sensor applied on handset and LCD TV for power saving purpose and the 6 inch fab together contributed 23% of total sales in the 2nd quarter, which was a 39% and 66% increased on a QoQ and YoY basis respecitvely.The total Semiconductor contributed 76% of total sales in the 2nd quarter, sales grew 22% on a QoQ basis.
LSC's withdrawal from the CCM market resulted a 42% sales decline in the 2nd quarter, this also directly impacted the imaging related products sales in the 2nd quarter.Sales declined 23% and 21% on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively, sales distribution also decline from 33% in Q1 to 24% in Q2.
LSC Semiconductor related products sales contribution increased from 65% in Q1 to 76% in Q2, the better profit semi products also help to generate a better profit in the 2nd quarter.The total 2nd quarter consolidated sales was NTD277 million, increased 7.3% , gross profit improved 56.2% on a QoQ basis.2nd quarter profit margin was 18.7%, which is a quarterly record high in the most recent three years.Operating profit also improved 894% on a QoQ basis.

Equity base 1H 2010 financial results approved by BOD
營業收入淨額 Net Sales                              :NTD4,717,020仟元 (thousands)
營業毛利Gross Profit                                 : NTD  232,980仟元 (thousands)
已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit         : NTD  229,776仟元 (thousands)
營業淨損Operation Loss                             : NTD  (133,875)仟元 (thousands)
稅前淨利 PBT                                           : NTD  299,277仟元 (thousands)
本期淨利PAT                                            : NTD  281,616仟元 (thousands)
每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)                   : NTD  0.67元
每股稅後盈餘EPS(元//每股)                   : NTD  0.63元

1H 2010 consolidated financial results approved by BOD
營業收入淨額 Net Sales                              :NTD 5,355,172仟元 (thousands)
營業毛利Gross Profit                                  : NTD  853,584仟元 (thousands)
已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit          : NTD  850,380仟元 (thousands)
營業淨利Operation Profit                             : NTD  154,171仟元 (thousands)
稅前淨利 PBT                                             : NTD  400,493仟元 (thousands)
合併總純益PAT                                          : NTD  326,752仟元 (thousands)
每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)                     : NTD  0.67元
每股稅後盈餘EPS(元//每股)                    : NTD 0.63元
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