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LSC May Consolidated Revenue was NTD 1.16 Billion   2007-06-05

(June 4th, 2007 – Taipei News)  Liteon Semiconductor Corp., (Code :5305) consolidated revenue of May was NTD1.16 Billion, increase 19.3 on a YoY basis and 4.2% on a MoM basis.  The accumulated consolidated revenue grew 15.1% compared to the previous year, May revenue was a record high for LSC..

The semiconductor components business group contributed about 48% of May's total consolidated revenue, in which the Discrete & Analog contributed about NTD 411 Million, decrease 4.6% on a MoM basis, and grew 17.8% on a YoY basis.  Analog ICs enjoyed over 50% of gross profit margin among LSC’s product group.  After 17 Months of operation, this business unit finally hit NTD25 Million sales in May.  These analog ICs are mainly applied on power supply and LCD Inverter, and LSC is an IDM firm in the analog arena.  The 6 inch fab contributed about 144 Million in May, decrease 4.6% on a MoM basis, and grew 2.7% on a YoY basis.

The Image business group contributed NTD608 Million sales in May, which include a 126 million of Cmos Camera Module applied on handsets.  Its new product, the laser mouse sensor module also started shipment in small quantity in May.

Liteon Semiconductor Corp., will distribute NTD 1.8 cash and NTD 0.2 stock dividends per share.  This indicates a 6.5% of cash dividends yield according to the close market price of NTD27.35 per share on June 1st.  Since year 2004, Liteon Semiconductor has been distributing NTD 2 of dividends per year.  LSC amended its company chapter last year to allow a higher cash
dividends yield, which also implied a low capital expansion.

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