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LSC January Consolidated Revenues were 1.03 billion   2007-02-06

(Feb 5th Taipei News) LSC (code :5305) self reported its consolidated January revenues were NTD1.03 billion, grew 6.6% on a MoM basis, and grew 13.1% on a YoY basis.


The semiconductor business group contributed about 54%, in which, the Discrete & Analog business contributed NTD408 Million, grew 9.4% on a MoM basis, and grew 14.8% on a YoY basis.  The 6 inch fab contributed about NTD 147 Million in January, up4.4% on a MoM basis and grew 39.4% on a YoY basis.  The Image Business Group contributed NTD475 Million, grew nearly 8% on a MoM basis and grew 2.2% on a YoY basis.

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