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LSC EPS was NTD1.59 for Year 2019, YoY -43%   2020-03-20

(March 20th, 2020 Taipei News) LSC (TWSE : 5305) held its BOD and approved the Consolidated financial report for year 2019.Global Semiconductor industry was impacted by the Trade war between US and China throughout the year, full year sales amounted to NTD 11.1 billion for the year which is a 8% decline on a YoY basis.Gross profit and operating profit margin were 22.7% and 3.07% respectively, a 4% and 7% decline respectively as compared to the previous year. With the NTD720 million Pre-tax profit injection from Diodes Inc, EPS for the year accumulated to NTD 1.59, 43% decline on a YoY basis.

The Board Members also extended the cash base share-swap transaction agreement Final trading date between LSC and Diodes Taiwan to December 31st ,2020 from the originally stated May 31st ,2020. FTC granted its approval on March 11th, SAMR also legally registered Diodes Inc’s normal case anti-trust application in late February this year. Upon obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals, the record date of the transaction can be finalized and all LSC shareholders will receive NT$42.50 cash per share for this share swap transaction on payment date.

The Board Members approved the consolidated financial results of year 2019 as of March 20th , 2020, details as below:

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