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Lite-On Semiconductor 2015 FY EPS NTD1.52, YoY +38%   2016-03-23

(Mar 23rd, 2016 Taipei News) LSC (TWSE :5305) held its Board meeting today and approved the consolidated financial result of 2015, EPS was NTD1.52 with a 38% growth on a YoY basis.  The board also passed the resolution to distribute NTD1.2 dividend per share, both the EPS and dividends distribution hit record high since global financial crisis in 2008 , this led to a 5.3% dividend yield rate base on the 23rd closing share price of NTD22.85.

The 2015 full year consolidated revenue amounted to NTD9.419 billion, a 7% decline on a YoY basis, maintained a 23% gross profit margin as the previous year. Diodes Inc. revision of its acquisition accounting related to the stock awards etc for Pericom employees in the 4th quarter was the major impact of a loss of NTD0.13 in LSC 4th quarter result. Diodes Inc only injected NTD126 million profit to LSC in year 2015, a decline of 63% on a YoY basis, mainly caused by its merger and tax issues in the same year.

The semiconductor industry experienced a weak 2H 2015, among LSC’s 4 major product, the IC product was the only one that managed a 5% revenue growth. Modular System which took up 10% of total sales, though experienced a 14% decline in revenue, managed to drive its profit over 3 folds on a YoY basis, a result of its penetration in the ticketing system market application. LSC also managed to hit a 16 months record high revenue in January 2016 despite the fact that its subsidiary On Bright’s soft sales. Both LSC’s January and February sales were able to experience a YoY growth, a good indication that its core business is back on the right track. LSC will focus in securing product shipment to its newly acquired business from the western markets and new applications customers to ensure attaining its profitable growth target this year.

The 2015 FY Consolidated Financial Report approved in the March 23rd, 2016 BOD meeting,details as below
項目 Item Year 2015年 Year 2014年
金額 Amount 金額 Amount
單位 Unit  : 仟元 thousand 單位 Unit  : 仟元 thousand
Gross profit
Operation profit
Profit before tax
本期淨利 Net Profit   884,973 815,041
本期淨損益歸屬於本公司業主 Net Profit attributable to owner of the company 476,872 428,587
本期淨損益歸屬於非控制權益    Net profit atttributable to non controlling interests 408,101 386,545
每股盈餘(元) Earnings per share (NTD)                             NTD1.52                                NTD1.1
Integrated Solution IC
Discrete Power Devices
Wafer Fondry
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