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Dialog Semiconductor intends to establish sensor joint venture with Dyna Image, a subsidiary of Lite-On Semiconductor Corp.,   2015-05-06

(May 6th, 2015, Taipei news) Lite-On Semiconductor Corp. (TSE : 5305) held its Board meeting today and made the resolution to transfer 40% of the shareholding of its subsidiary, Dyna Image Corporation, an optical sensor design company, to Dialog Semiconductor (FWB: DLG), an expert in creating highly integrated, mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Dialog will become the largest shareholder of Dyna Image in this joint venture.  Simultaneously, ShunSin Technology (TSE : 6451 F), a high end SiP/MEMS/Optical module packaging company will also take an equity position in Dyna Image. The three companies will integrate and package their mixed signal ICs, wireless transmission products, MCUs and optical sensors into a series of system level solutions for IoT applications. The initial focus will be on smartphone and wearable device applications.


Dyna Image specializes in design & manufacture of optical, inertial and environmental sensors for consumer electronics applications, and has been shipping optical and proximity sensors to the China market for several years. Dialog and Dyna Image's products are highly complementary and can be easily integrated to form a wide range of total solutions to meet system level needs for IoT applications, reducing customers' design time and effort.  SST's high end packaging enhances the quality and reliability of these solutions.  By leveraging its global customer base, the company's integrated resources cut costs and, most importantly, reduce time-to-market for it's customers' products.  This joint venture synergy is greater than the sum of its parts. LSC made the resolution to release part of its shareholding to take advantage of the opportunities created by the companies' complementary products.


LSC has adopted a similar share release process in the past to provide its subsidiaries with better future development or for human capital retention purposes. These companies now provide a continuous, healthy return-on-investment to LSC. LSC is committed to supporting and cooperating with Dyna Image, SST and Dialog for our mutual benefit.
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