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LSC announced a 30% capital reduction proposal   2014-05-09

(May 9th, 2014, Taipei News) LSC (Ticker : 5305)held its BOD meeting on May 9th and proposed a 30% capital reduction in an effort to improve its capital structure, EPS and book value.  LSC proposed cash back NTD 3 to its investors which provides its investors an opportunity to revitalize their invested funds.  The board had also approved a NTD 0.3 cash dividend in their previous meeting which implied  LSC investor is expected to cash in NTD3.3 in total this year, and cash returned for capital reduction are tax free.

The board also approved LSC's 1st quarter consolidated financial results. The revenue amounted to NTD 2.4 billion, a 17% YoY and 4% QoQ growth respectively.  The average1st quarter GPM was 23%, a 1% & 3% improvement on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively.  Operation profit margin hit 6%, a 4% growth on a QoQ and YoY basis. 1st quarter EPS amounted to NTD 0.17, a great improvement compared to a loss of NTD0.03 last year 1st quarter and a mere breakeven in the previous quarter, a proof to their restructure effectiveness.  LSC downsized its shareholdings of its subsidiary On Bright Electronics to raise fund for its capital reduction.  Thanks to OB's high growth, the net income recognized was not impacted.  Although shareholdings declined from 46.7% to 39.6% from the previous quarter, the net amount recognized was slightly better than the previous quarter and a 47% improvement compared to the same period last year when shares held were 51%.

LSC BOD approved the below consolidated financial results of Q1 2014 on May 9th, 2014
財務項目 Financial Report Items 金額 年增率YoY
營業收入淨額 Net Sales NTD 2,424,018 17%
營業毛利 Gross Profit NTD 555,486 35%
營業淨利 Operation Profit NTD 134,349 227%
稅前淨利 PBT NTD 212,440 473%
本期淨損益PAT NTD 73,525 669%
每股稅後盈餘 EPS(元/每股) NTD 0.17  

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