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LSC January Revenue was NTD824 million   2014-02-07

(Feb 7th, 2013 Taipei News) LSC(TWN Stock code : 5305) announced its self consolidated January Revenues amounted to NTD 824 million, which was a 10% and 17% growth on a  MoM and YoY basis respectively. Sales distribution as listed below:

January  1月份 營收比重 年增率 月增率
Year 2014 Sales distribution YoY MoM
Discrete分離式元件 51% 20% 12%
IC Products IC產品 33% 23% 9%
Modular System系統模組 11% 6% -6%
Foundry 晶圓產品 5% 9% 10%
Revenue 營收 (NTD Million) 824 17% 10%

Integrated Solution IC
Discrete Power Devices
Wafer Fondry
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