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LSC 3rd Quarter EPS NTD0.21   2013-11-08

(11/8/2013Taipei News) LSC (Twn stock code : 5305) held its BOD meeting this afternoon and approved its consolidated financial reports for the past three quarters.The 3rd quarter consolidated revenue amounted to NTD 2.68 Billion, a 7% growth on a QoQ basis, with a close to 23% average gross profit margin, which was a slight 1% decline compared to the previous quarter.DIC injected over NTD70 Million in the 3rd quarter and the total quarterly non operating income grew 147% on a QoQ basis, and 30% on a YoY basis.EPS for the 3rd quarter was NTD0.21, a 24% growth on a QoQ basis, and a 12.5% decline on a YoY basis.

Discrete made up 50% of the 3rd quarter revenue, grew 6% and 15% on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively, IC contributed 33%, and grew 6% and 31% on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively.The 6 inch fab contributed 6%, grew 12% and 41% on a QoQ and YoY basis respectively.Modular System grew 11% on a QoQ basis in the 3rd quarter, but still a 21% decline compared to the previous year.

The accumulated consolidated sales for the past three quarters amounted to NTD 7.27 billion, with an average of 22% gross profit margin, GP grew 23% on a YoY basis.The accumulated EPS amounted to NTD0.35, a 13% decline on a YoY basis.

The Board members approved the consolidated financial results for the first 9 months of LSC on Nov. 8th 2013, details as below :

Item                                                   Amount                               YoY

Revenue:                                    NTD7,273,242(K)仟元              11%                                 

Operation Profit:                         NTD353,060(K)仟元                  45%                                 

Net Profit:                                  NTD357,132(K)仟元                 16%

Net profit attributable to owner of the Company:NTD155,000(K)仟元         (13%)                                         

Net Profit attributable to Non controlling interests:NTD202,132(K) 仟元     54%

EPS:                                            NTD0.35元                              (13%)

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