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LSC August Revenue was NTD904 million, Grew 17% YoY   2013-09-10

(Sep 6th, 2013 Taipei News) LSC(TWN Stock code : 5305) self consolidated August Revenue amounted to NTD 904 million,which was a 1% and 17% MoM and YoY growth respectively.

LSC is one of the few companies that can offer a series of Total Power Management Solutions through combing our Discrete, Analog ICs and optical ICs etc from our Green Power Platform to maximize power savings. In August, the product sales from the Green Power Platform together made up close to 90% of the revenue. Among the 4 products, Discrete contributed 50% of revenue, flat compared to the previous month and grew 17.4% compared to last year. LSC is already global number 1 GPP bridge supplier, and is striving to expand its market share via starting to offer its Mini GPP Bridge products which are applied on Mobile Device 2nd Quarter this year. As Smart phones total market is several folds of LSC’s previous end products NB and PC’s shipment, LSC has a lot of expectations in the new products. Mini GPP continued to be certified by customers in the 3rd quarter and is expected to continue to grow its shipment, although revenue contribution is still limited this year. Foundry products maintained its 6% sales contributions, due to captive inputs, sales grew 68% compared to last year, but declined 7% compared to the previous month.

IC products made up about 33% of total August sales, grew 4.5% MoM, and 30% compared to last year, and had the best performance among all 4 products.Modular System August sales was flat compared to the previous month and still and declined of 21% compared to last year.

Year 2013                           Sales distribution             YoY                MoM

Discrete                                 50%                             17%                  
IC Products                            33%                             30%                 5%
Modular System                      11%                            -21%
Foundry                                   6%                              68%               -7%
Revenue (NTD Million)            904                              17%                 1%

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