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LSC 2013 1H EPS was NTD 0.14   2013-08-07

(Aug 8th,2013 台北訊) LSC(TWN Stock code : 5305)held its BOD meeting today and approved its 2013 interim financial report. The total consolidated sales for 1H 2013 amounted to NTD 4.59 billion, grew 8% on a YoY basis. Gross Profit margin was 22% which also improved 3% compared to the same period last year . EPS was NTD0.14 for 1H, flat compared to the same period last year.

LSC 2nd quarter sales improved 22% on a QoQ basis, Gross Profit Margin improved 4%, and Operating profit also improved close to 5% compared to the previous quarter. EPS for the 2nd quarter amounted to NTD0.17.

                  The board members approved the 2013 interim report, details    
                  as  below :  

                  Item                                                             Amount
                   Sales                                     :NTD 4,590,945 K                                    

                   Operation Profit                :NTD  204,735 K                                   

                   Net Profit                            :NTD  176,719 K
                   Net Profit attributable to owner company : NTD 63,372K    
                   Net Profit attributable to non controlling    
                   company :                                NTD113,347K   

    EPS                                       :NTD      0.14   

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