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LSC Nov Sales was NTD 713 million, 12.1% growth YoY   2012-12-07

(Taipei News Dec 7th) LSC (Twn stock code : 5305) published its November self consolidated revenue was NTD 713 million, a slight decline of 0.7% on a MoM basis,and a 12.1% growth compared to the same period last year.

November sales distribution was similar to the previous month: Discrete 47%+,IC products 34%, Modular System 15% and foundry products about 4% contributions respectively. The accumulated revenue up to November this year hit 93% of 2011 full year revenue.

IC products including Analog IC and Optical ICs including Ambient light sensor and proximity sensors topped the performance of LSC's 4 major product group. Its contributions for the past three quarters were 24%, 27% and 29% respectively,and continued to grow its contribution to 34% in November. The accumulated sales up to November grew 23% compared to 2011 full year IC revenue. Modular System products including legacy CIS and LED lighting power module accumulated sales was 95% of last year's total was the 2nd best. Discrte and Foundry accumulated sales was 83% and 79% of last year's total respectively. However, Foundry managed to downsize its losses for the past three quarters compared to the previous year as a result of an increased in capacity utilization this year.

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