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LSC announced its Financial reports for the past three quarters   2012-10-24

(Oct 24th, 2012 Taipei News) LSC (TWN stock code : 5305) held its BOD meeting today and approved its financial results for the past three quarters this year. EPS amounted to NTD 0.38 based on the average ciruculating 444 million shares.  The 3rd quarter EPS was NTD 0.24 , which was a 4.3% improvement on a QoQ basis.

Sales distribution for the past three quarters was quite similar to 1H. Discrete made up more than50%, IC 27%, Modular System 17% and 6% from Foundry. Among all the products of LSC, Ambient light sensor and proximity sensor ICS which are widely applied on Smart Phones, Tablet and Notebook computers for power saving through adjustment of LED brightness had the best performance. Accumulated sales for the past three quarters grew 243% compared to the same period last year.  And it hit the 5th sales record high this year in September this year, and is the star among the products this year.

The financial report for the 9 months of 2012 approved by BOD on  Oct 24th, 2012

項目 Item                                                  金額 Amount
業收入淨額 Net Sales                            : NTD 5,226,512仟元 (thousands)
營業毛利Gross Profit                            : NTD 331,305 仟元 (thousands)
已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit    : NTD 331,662 仟元 (thousands)
營業淨利Operation Profit                       : NTD (137,560) 仟元 (thousands)
稅前淨利 PBT                                       : NTD 220,516 仟元 (thousands)
本期淨利PAT                                        : NTD 169,543 仟元 (thousands)
每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)               : NTD 0.5 元
每股稅後盈餘EPS(元//每股)              : NTD 0.38 元

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