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LSC announced its 2012 interim financial report   2012-08-30
(8/30/2012, Taipei News) LSC (Twn Stock code: 5305) held its BOD meeting and approved its consolidated interim financial report for 2012.  EPS amounted to NTD0.14 based on an average 444 million circulating shares.
The 2nd quarter sales improved 27.9% on a QoQ basis, gross profit margin also improved 7% with an average of 21.9% compared to 14.9% in Q1, EPS for the quarter was NTD0.23. A better economy condition plus a better capacity utilization of the 6 inch fab which extensively reduced the loss compared to the 1st quarter were major drivers for the improvement. Sales distributions for the 1H : 51% Discrete, 26% IC products, 17% Modular System and 6% of Foundry.

The consolidated interim financial report 2012 approved by the BOD on August 30th, 2012:

項目  Item                                                          金額 Amount                                    

營業收入淨額 Net Sales                                 :  NTD 4,235,955 仟元 (thousands)

營業毛利Gross Profit                                       :  NTD   798,264 仟元 (thousands)

已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit      :  NTD   798,917 仟元 (thousands)

營業淨利Operation Profit                              :  NTD   104,610 仟元 (thousands)

稅前淨利 PBT                                                 :  NTD   188,964 仟元 (thousands)

本期淨利PAT                                                   :  NTD    63,567 仟元 (thousands)

每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)                     :  NTD    0.2 元
每股稅後盈餘EPS(元//每股)               : NTD    0.14 元

The interim financial report 2012 approved by BOD on August 30th, 2012 :

項目 Item                                                          金額 Amount                                    

營業收入淨額 Net Sales                                 :  NTD 3,385,927 仟元 (thousands)                                  

營業毛利Gross Profit                                          :  NTD  184,648 仟元 (thousands)                                         

已實現營業毛利 Realized Gross Profit      :  NTD  185,301 仟元 (thousands)                                          

營業淨利Operation Profit                              :  NTD (120,037) 仟元 (thousands)                                         

稅前淨利 PBT                                                 :  NTD   90,262 仟元 (thousands)                                         

本期淨利PAT                                                   :  NTD    63,567 仟元 (thousands)                                          

每股稅前盈餘EPS(元/每股)                     :  NTD    0.2 元                                                      

每股稅後盈餘EPS(元//每股)               : NTD    0.14 元                        

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