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LSC self consolidated Nov revenue was NTD 636 million, declined 4.3% MoM   2011-12-06

(Dec 5th 2011, Taipei News) LSC(TWN ticker 5305) announced its self consolidated November revenue was NTD636 million, impacted by an obscure economy and as the 4th quarter is a traditional slow season, sales declined 16.1% compared to the same period last year, and declined 4.3% on a MoM basis.

LSC revenue is divided into 2 sector, more than 80% revenue are contributed by semiconductor related products, including discrete, the 6 inch fab and IC products, the other 18% contributions are Modular system products.

Discrete made up more than 50% of November revenue, which is flat compared to the previous month, but declined 26.7% on a YoY basis.  The financial crisis in 2008 caused a production consolidation effect in global discrete suppliers, Yen appreciation also forced many Japanese supplier to give up supplying products with low return, and the Taiwan suppliers are therefore able to benefit from these sales order transfer.  LSC has thus become worldwide number 1 supplier in GPP Bridge in 2011.  In the following year, LSC will focus in developing high power Mosfet in an effort to complete its supply in the three key discrete components of power supply.

IC products include AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC ICs applied on power management, Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor applied on Tablet PC and Smart phones together contributed 25% of November sales.  Sales declined 8.4% on a MoM basis, but increased 2.9% compared to the same period last year.  Among which, the ambient light/ proximity sensors experienced a 33.8% sales growth compared to last year and 5.9% sales growth compared to the previous month , it hit the 6th record high in sales this year as the market demand were huge for their end application products.  The 6 inch foundry contributed 5% of total sales, declined 8.7% on a MoM basis, and grew 34.5% on a YoY basis.  Modular system products include CIS and power module for LED lightings together contributed 18% of total revenue, declined 9.2% on a MoM basis.

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