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The payment of dividends is within the discretion of the Company's Board of Directors,
and will depend upon, among other things, the Company's earnings, financial condition, capital requirements, and general business conditions. We have historically paid annual dividends comprised of cash, stock or both.

Our dividend payments were:

Ex-dividend Date Amount per share in cash Amount per share in Stock
2018-07-20 NT$1.6 ---
2017-07-25 NT$1.2 ---
2016-07-15 NT$1.2 ---
2015-07-22 NT$1 ---
2013-08-06 NT$0.3 ---
2012-07-24 NT$0.4 ---
2011-08-02 NT$0.7 ---
2009-07-09 NT$0.6 ---
2008-07-24 NT$1.7 NT$0.1
2007-07-20 NT$1.8 NT$0.2
2006-07-21 NT$1.4 NT$0.6
2005-08-11 NT$1.4 NT$0.6
2004-06-10 NT$0.73 NT$0.73
2003-07-02 NT$0.5 NT$0.4
2002-07-11 --- NT$0.4
2001-06-14 NT$0.3 NT$1.3
1999-07-12 --- NT$1.8
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