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Corporate Governance Structure
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Corporate Governance Strucutre

LSC is committed to building a good Corporate Governance system, besides abiding to all rules and regulations, we also operate under the following principles :

(1) To build an effective corporate governance structure.
(2) To safeguard our shareholder's rights & interests.
(3) To strengthen the Board functions.
(4) To maximize the supervision functions of our audit committee.
(5) To respect the rights and interests of our stakeholders.
(6) To advocates operational transparency.

We believe that a sound and effective Board of Directors is the core success to corporate governance.The board provides & evaluate management business strategies , supervise and assess the operation performance of the management team. The Board memebrs strives to perform these responsibilities through ensuring that the audit committee, compensation committee, auditor and President of the company are dedicated in running the business operations to maximize the interests of shareholders.

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