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C.H. Chen
Vice Chairman
Mr. C.H. Chen founded Dyna Image Ltd, predecessor company to Lite-On Semiconductor Corp.  in 1990. He was the CEO of LSC shareholding Nasdaq listed Diodes Inc Corp from 2000~2005. During the 5 years, Mr. Chen strengthened DIC's R&D team and geared up their products to market ability. DIC became one of the best & most compeititve small companies in United States. Mr. Chen worked at Texas Instruments for over 21 years, most recently as a Vice President at TI Taiwan. Mr. C.H.Chen is also Vice Chairman of Diodes Inc.  Vice Chairman Chen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechnaical Engineering from Taiwan National University. 
David Lee
Mr. David Lee has acted as the Lite-On Semiconductor Corp's CFO and spokesperson since 2000, and was promoted to the President's position in 2013 Sept.   He was the Special Assistant to President at Lite-On Power Semiconductor from 1994 to 2000 was the CFO of Silitek from 1984 until 1993. President Lee received his MBA degree in Accounting from National Chengchi University. President Lee is the Chairman of On-Bright Electronics , Representative Director of Lite-On Technology and Director of On-Bright Electronics (Hong Kong) Co.
Y.F. Chen
Vice President : China Make Division
Mr. Chen joined LSC in 2012,in charge of the operation management of  the semiconductor components manufacturing plants in China region,including LSC (Wuxi), Lite-On Microelectronics (Wuxi) and Shanghai Seefull.  VP Chen was with Taiwan Texas Instrument from 1984 to 2010, most recently as the Operation Manager position and was the Senior Director of Foxconn from 2010 to 2012 in the manufacturing division. VP Chen holds a MBA degree from Tulane University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University.
H.L. Cheng
Vice President : Foundry Products Division
Mr.  Cheng became the Vice President of the Semiconductor components manufacturing plants in Taiwan region in 2012.  VP Chen joined the semmiconductor engineering department of Silitek in 1986,this department became Lite-On Power Semiconductor in 1990 and merged with Dyna Image to become Lite-On Semiconductor Corp., in 2000.  He was promoted to Assistant Vice President of the Wafer production,Assembly Engineering and R&D in the same year.  He was sent to station in Wuxi in 2004 to help build the manufacturing plant and then promoted to the Vice President of the Keelung plant in 2005.  VP Cheng received his Bachelor of Science from the Electrophysics department of National Chiao Tung University.
Johnny Wu
Vice President , Modular System Division
Mr. Wu joined Lite-On Power's Discrete Division in 1997 ( which was merged in 2000 by LSC) and served the Marketing, Purchasingand production departments through until he was promoted to the AVP position of SMD operation in Shanghai Seefull  2001.  He transferred to the Modular System Division in 2009 and was promoted to the Vice President position in 2012.  Mr. Wu holds a bachelor degree in Chemical & Materials Engineering from the Chinese Culture University and a MBA Degree from Lincoln University.
Tony Chiang
Senior Vice President, Discrete Division
Mr.  Chiang joined Lite-On Semiconductor Corp. in 2005 as the Sales Assistant Vice President of Discrete and was promoted to Vice President position in 2007. Prior to joining  LSC, Mr. Chiang was the Taiwan Country Manager of Sipex Cooperation. He also held various positions at Texas Instruments including Sales Manager and also Product Manager of Analog Business Unit for a total of 8 years.   Vice President Chiang holds a Master Degree from University of Nottingham, UK in Electrical Engineering.
Karin Huang
CFO & Spokesperson
Ms. Karin Huang was appointed by the Board members as CFO and Spokesperson of LSC in 2014 March.  Prior to joining LSC, she has over 20 years of experience in High Tech Manufacturing industry and Multinational Corporations in  Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Strategic Planning and Management related arenas.  CFO Huang joined the Lite-On Group in 2001, she was the Finance Director, Auditing Director, Special Assistant to CEO of New Business in Lite-On Tech.  She was the Chief Auditing Officer and CFO of Lite-On IT from 2007 to 2013.  CFO Huang holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Soochow University and a Master degree in Finance from National Chengchi University.

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