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About Fingerprint Sensor Module
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Founded in 1990, Lite-on Semiconductor Corp.(LSC) has developed the Contact Image Sensor(CIS) for more than 17 years.Along with LSC's superior CIS and image processing technology, today, we are the global leader in both color and mono CIS markets.

Integrating the above core technologies, LSC developed the most outstanding fingerprint authentication sensor module with optical swipe sensor which is completely different from other fingerprint sensors on the market.With the optical attributions, “electrostatic discharge” is one of the main advantages of LSC's products.This virtue enables the fingerprint sensor to be utilized in any severe environment. Furthermore, the dimension of LSC's fingerprint sensor module is the smallest of optical-type in the market. With the economy of scale, the costs of our fingerprint sensor solutions are much more competitive than all the other.

LSC's fingerprint sensor modules offer the broadest range of end-to-end solutions to meet customers' and partners'requirements. The fingerprint sensor modules are designed laptops, mobile phones, handheld devices, USB pen drive, USB dongles, hard drives, mice and access control system. In addition to the biometric verification, LSC's fingerprint sensor module also integrates with superior application software to provide extra applications, such as file encryption/decryption, web page auto log in, PC/phone lock, screensaver lock, hot-key functions and so on.The fingerprint sensor modules do not only provide the highest level of security for customers, but also create lots of added value for end products.
Lite-on Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor Module Features
High ESD resistance
High Accuracy

Low cost

Small dimension
Intelligent patent protection
Wide range of applications

Customization capability

Integrated Solution IC
Discrete Power Devices
Wafer Fondry
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