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300mA CMOS LDO LSP2015   [2017-07-20]

General Description
The LSP2015 is a low dropout linear regulator (LDO) family with 300mA output current. The output voltage
can be fixed or adjustable, and are stable with 1.0uF or higher value ceramic capacitors.
The LSP2015 family provides several protections, such as over current protection (OCP), short circuit
protection (SCP) and over temperature protection (OTP) to protect themselves from fault application
This family of LDOs have many different packages and pin assignments. The users can refer the ordering
information of this datasheet to choice the most suitable LDOs for their applications.

• Operating Input Voltage : 2.2V~5.5V
• Has Fixed Output Voltage (Fixed-VOUT) And Adjustable Output Voltage (Adj-VOUT) Options
• Fixed Output voltage range: 1.0V to 4.1V by 0.1V steps
• Output current is up to 300 mA
• Built-in Over Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and Over Temperature
Protection (OTP)
• Package : SOT23-3L, SOT23-5L, SC82-4L, SC70-5L, SOT89-3L and TO92-3L Packages
• P2P with AP7331

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